Cluster selection must be based on the type of data you want to store on the flash drive. Cluster – the minimum amount of memory that is allocated on the media for one file. For example, if the document has a capacity of 1024 KB and the cluster size was exhibited 2048 KB, the file will occupy the entire volume of the cell, though in fact it has a smaller size.
The greater the volume of the memory cell, the less operated to read the data while copying and deleting data. The fewer operations performed by the system, the faster the speed of copying and recording, allowing you to save a little time.
Before formatting decide on the type of files that you store on a flash drive. If you plan to use the carrier only as a repository of digital copies of movies or music, you can choose the maximum size of the cluster. You can find it in the settings window of the formatting available when you right click on the device icon in the menu "start" - "Computer" system.
If you want to store small documents, for example, any reports, papers or pictures of small volumes, it is desirable to choose a smaller cluster (e.g., 4 KB). After selecting the size of the cell click "format" to save the changes.
If you don't know what size of cluster is most suitable to you, leave the value default, which is medium and will allow you to achieve a balance between write speed and volume of the occupied disk space.