You will need
  • - program for partitioning the media into sections, for example, JetFlash.
Download a program that performs operations breakdown removable media partitions. Here JetFlash Recovery Tool, Acronis and other tools for working with disks. Be careful, the sizes are typically specified in bytes.
Copy all the information you need from the media to the hard disk. Go to "My computer", click on the flash drive, right-click and select "Format". Better do not check clean title.
Install the downloaded program on the computer, following the instructions of the installer menu. Run it, if necessary, re-insert the removable media into the connector on the computer. When the storage medium is displayed in the device list, select the type of action you want to perform with the disk, in this case, the breakdown into volumes or partitions.
Find out what the volume should be one of the parts in your USB flash drive. After that create a partition with the corresponding memory size. Be careful: some programs at the breakdown of the removable disk volume to leave open access to only one of its parts, it is best if the device is intended for use not on the computer.
Set the password for the part which is not involved in the process. Be careful when specifying the password, because in the future he will need not only access files, but also to the operations division.
Format any newly created partitions separately. One that will not need you further, please fill in any information, it is best that it was the same data content. Next, when you connect removable media to your personal computer, you will see two different devices. The AutoPlay feature will also appear again for the second disk.