Ways to find a friend

Sometimes a friendship between two individuals begins in childhood. Some people are friends from school. There is also the chance to find mates while studying at the Institute, serving in the army, at work, at the party. Close-minded people sometimes meet in clubs, at concerts, and exhibitions. To meet interesting people is also possible during the journey.

To strengthen the acquaintance, you have to have some common ground. This can be a hobby, a lifestyle, a goal or a dream, some views, the scope of activities. It is clear that two completely different people will be difficult to communicate. When individuals differ in social status, level of moral development and education, it may become an obstacle for the emergence of friendship between them.

A true friend

Remember that a true friend is not just the person with whom you have fun, nice and interesting to spend time. A true friend you can pour out the soul in a difficult minute, to ask him for life advice, or to share in the joy. Some individuals will not be able to empathize and help. No matter how good you've spent time together, such people cannot be called real friends.

Friend will come to help in difficult times. He will not assert themselves at your expense, will not make jokes on sensitive topics, especially to remind you of your blunders. This is a man who perfectly knows you and despite all your flaws, cherishes your company and location.

To save the friendship, do not abuse a good attitude my friend. Don't need to ask too much and create for friends a lot of inconvenience. Spare the feelings of people around you. For example, if you do not approve of the choice of the other without particular reason, no need to upset him and bring negativity in moments when he's happy.

Remember that real friends respect each other. They don't manipulate friends, appreciate their time and effort trying to organize common leisure so that all was well, care about each other, do not forget about gifts, greeting cards or small signs of attention on holidays and significant dates.

Keep in mind that real friends can't be very much. After all, to save the relationship you need to give each of them their strength, time and attention. When close buddies a lot, you physically will not have time to maintain the friendship, you may not have enough mental strength. A true friend is worth a few good friends, don't forget that when you build relationships with others.