Advice 1: How to explain to the man that I need

You are in love and every day I'm dreaming that someday you still will be together. You are trying to hint to him that you need one, but he doesn't understand. In this case, stop dropping hints. Move to more decisive action.
How to explain to the man that I need
How to explain to the man that I want to be with him?

Women and men differ from each other on a psychological level. Women like hints and do not like it when you say that all straight. In men the opposite is true — they do not tolerate uncertainty and prefer when everything is defined clearly in two words.

How to declare my love for these two opposites?

The first step toward explanation is facial expressions. To give to understand the man that he is nice to you, enough to smile in his face. Simply put, psychologists say that flirting is the best way of explaining men. After all, the body language and the ability to decipher the inherent nature in your genes.

For example, a smile is a sign from your location to the interlocutor. Long gazes — a sign of sympathy and interest. Another sign that tells about the location of the person is the direction his body and feet. If the person is deployed to you with all body or his knees face in your side, you can be sure that he is closely watching you.

The next stage of explanation is the appearance. Men love with their eyes, so it is very important to monitor how you look. One of the ways to give the man to understand what you want to be with him is to dress sexy, but especially for him. In other words, you need to look sexy and attractive not only on a date but at home.

How to look to please a man?

First of all, emphasize all its advantages. In addition, observe the clothing style that prefers your partner. The only caution is to avoid vulgar, provoking and too open dresses.

The next stage of recognition of the word. Before you tell the man that you need him, consider his speech. It should be simple. Do not make lengthy explanations. Better just tell him straight: "I love you and want to be with you!" Yes, someone, it may seem too simple. In this case, remember that brevity is the easiest way to achieve this. The main thing is to make your voice sound confident and do not cause pity.

The last stage — the creation of atmosphere. An explanation and Declaration of love every detail is important. Try to create a romantic atmosphere. The first thing you will need is the candles. Decorate the room with candles. It is not necessary to turn off the lights. The next item is the scented oil. You perfect the aromas of pine trees and sandalwood.

When everything is ready, you can proceed to the explanation and confession of love!

Advice 2: How to explain to the guy, I won't need it

It seems that your relationship has stalled. You stopped to admire the feats chosen. And even the fact that before him was attracted to, you now very annoying. His gifts and compliments to seem stupid and ridiculous. Such relationships certainly can not be called an inspiring and desirable. So it's time to break up with a guy. But how to explain to him that your relationship came to an end?
How to explain to the guy, I won't need it
Adjust yourself to the fact that the decision to split will be irrevocable and final.
Call the guy and tell him you need to talk to him. But in any case, don't talk about your intention to break up by phone or by SMS, so you will cause him great emotional pain. In addition, he still wants to explain, will pursue you than will cause irritation. In this case, the probability that it will end the scandal, is very high.
Having met the guy, talk to him frankly. A calm tone and in a respectful manner explain to the young man that you noticed that the "spark of love" to his heart for a long time not burning. Tell him you think the breakup is the best way out of the situation .
Of course, young people will ask questions, particularly about why, in addition to the extinction of feelings. Be prepared, because depending on the nature of your boyfriend, he may provoke honest answers and even a fight. As it is better to part in peace, stay calm.
Get away from the life his boyfriend sharply! Temporarily change your lifestyle: change your phone number, do not visit night clubs in which you used to spend time together. In short, temporarily change the style of life. This will allow as quickly as possible to forget the guywith whom you broke up, and you personally.
In any case, do not list the shortcomings of her boyfriend. So you will give him to understand that he is guilty in your breakup. Usually, in such situations, the conversation turns into a squabble, and then everyone finally wants to tell all that I am. The result of this conversation will be a strong altercation, mutual insults and aftertaste. In addition, never say that you loved another — this may cause an even more sensational scandal that has come to your new chosen one.
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In a conversation with the guy mention what you do with him were happy and that always will remember all the good things you have experienced together. You a few awkward silences.

Advice 3: How to tell the man about love

Men do not always dare to say out loud about their feelings. It largely depends on upbringing and character. If you meet a man, but he confesses to you in love, you can take the initiative and tell him about your feelings first. The main thing here is to select the appropriate setting and time for confession.
How to tell the man about love
If you are still wondering whether or not the first to confess love, consider what you are losing. This situation has only two choices - either the man will answer you in return, or he will say he does not feel to you to love. In the second case, you will not lose as know exactly whether you should spend your time on a man who is indifferent to you.
If you are going to admit love to the man, better not to think in advance how it will happen, not making long speeches, do not build the action plan. You'll see, the situation will still be different, and the right words will be forgotten excitement. The main thing - to tune in the confession and decide what feelings it should be done. After recognition can carry a lot of emotions and feelings: tenderness, sadness, happiness, excitement, passion, etc. That you want to convey to your man? That is something to think about before you open your heart.
Environment recognition plays an important role. It is better to avoid crowded places, if you are going to open up about his feelings. Nothing should distract you from communicating with each other. Print a man in a Frank conversation. Take moment and tell him about your love. A good place for the recognition of parks and squares, cozy cafes and restaurants. What matters is that moment of recognition you not hurt anybody.
If you can not dare to say words of love, as planned, there is another option - suddenly stun a man with its recognition. So to speak, to give vent to my feelings "in a forehead". However the reaction of men can be very unpredictable. There is also an important point of emotion your words. Do not demand reciprocity, confessing his love. Your goal is to talk about their feelings, that person you truly love, not to bind him to her by force.
If you are struggling with words to Express their feelings, we can try to Express them on paper in the form of a letter or poem. No man will not be indifferent to such recognition, written from the heart. If the choice and will not answer you in return, rest assured you will leave a mark in his heart forever.
Confess your loveif you really feel for man 's strong feelings. Who does not risk does not drink champagne. It is not excluded that remaining silent about his feelings, you will greatly regret it later. As is known, each man is the architect of his own happiness. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, love is not ashamed, to admit it even more. Only love empowers the individual, makes it better and cleaner, so don't hide your feelings and be happy!

Advice 4: How to hint a guy that want to meet him

Sooner or later in the life of a girl has a new boyfriend, whom she distinguishes from a great many other members of the opposite sex. She likes him, she wants to meet him. But here's the thing – sometimes a girl can not make it clear to the guy that she cares for him. Education does not allow to be too honest, and the guy, unfortunately, completely oblivious to the hints. How best to proceed in this situation?
How to hint a guy that want to meet him
You can overcome your shyness and just say: "I like You". Though led since the beginning so that the initiative must come from "strong floor", it may well take and "the weaker sex". Nothing wrong there, it is only important to behave so that the man didn't have the impression that the girl is frivolous and easily accessible.
If still hard to be so honest, much can be said through the eyes. Gentle eyes looking directly into the eyes of someone who likes to have miraculous powers. So then surely all will become clear. And if you still shy smile, then certainly he'll understand.
You can tell about your feelings to him directly and indirectly. Not only girls like compliments. Guys also love when they are praised. And praise is always there. You can say: "You're so smart!" Options: "strong", "brave", "skilful".
Sign language is as old as the human race. If accidental touch, especially when combined with awkwardly-loving look, successfully replace the most Frank words.
Some are trying to convey to the young man a message of sympathy with a third party. Maybe you have mutual friends that can give us a hint about your feelings? If you are shy, you can resort to using cell phone. TEXT him and then wait for an answer.
Some girls seek attention of a guy, teasing him and even provoking. Oddly enough, this method is quite effective. Here it is necessary not to get carried away and to maintain a reasonable measure.
If in spite of everything, to the guy stubbornly "no income", there are two options: either he is firmly in love with another girl, or it's a particularly severe case, and the girl better not to waste time and look for another Beau. There have been plenty of guys who are able to appreciate it.
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