How to explain to the man that I want to be with him?

Women and men differ from each other on a psychological level. Women like hints and do not like it when you say that all straight. In men the opposite is true — they do not tolerate uncertainty and prefer when everything is defined clearly in two words.

How to declare my love for these two opposites?

The first step toward explanation is facial expressions. To give to understand the man that he is nice to you, enough to smile in his face. Simply put, psychologists say that flirting is the best way of explaining men. After all, the body language and the ability to decipher the inherent nature in your genes.

For example, a smile is a sign from your location to the interlocutor. Long gazes — a sign of sympathy and interest. Another sign that tells about the location of the person is the direction his body and feet. If the person is deployed to you with all body or his knees face in your side, you can be sure that he is closely watching you.

The next stage of explanation is the appearance. Men love with their eyes, so it is very important to monitor how you look. One of the ways to give the man to understand what you want to be with him is to dress sexy, but especially for him. In other words, you need to look sexy and attractive not only on a date but at home.

How to look to please a man?

First of all, emphasize all its advantages. In addition, observe the clothing style that prefers your partner. The only caution is to avoid vulgar, provoking and too open dresses.

The next stage of recognition of the word. Before you tell the man that you need him, consider his speech. It should be simple. Do not make lengthy explanations. Better just tell him straight: "I love you and want to be with you!" Yes, someone, it may seem too simple. In this case, remember that brevity is the easiest way to achieve this. The main thing is to make your voice sound confident and do not cause pity.

The last stage — the creation of atmosphere. An explanation and Declaration of love every detail is important. Try to create a romantic atmosphere. The first thing you will need is the candles. Decorate the room with candles. It is not necessary to turn off the lights. The next item is the scented oil. You perfect the aromas of pine trees and sandalwood.

When everything is ready, you can proceed to the explanation and confession of love!