You will need
  • program Hex Edit.
Download to the hard drive the program Hex Edit editor files, representing their contents in binary. Open the program by double-clicking the mouse on the starting file. This software allows in real time to read binary files, edit content, add your own recording and much more. In order to fully operate in this environment, you need to know a little about the General concepts of a binary files.
The program window is a little different from the usual editor: the familiar menu and toolbar with buttons, the body of the edited fileand the bookmarks and status bar. Open binary file via the File menu or by clicking on the corresponding icon on the toolbar. Binary file will appear before you in the form of lines with numbers and letters. Do not confuse these symbols with the printed data in text files. They can also edit, deleting characters, but if you delete the cell with the data pieces of the file.
Make changes to the contents of the file. The application can show an important part filebut for easy searching, and also has a flexible configuration of the graphical display of the binary code. Switch the content mode to ASCII+IBM/OEM to see the code file. If you make a wrong line in the file, it may not work properly, causing serious consequences to the operating system of the personal computer.
Save the changes. If you have no experience in this edit files, be prepared for the fact that the file will not open and refuses to work after changes. You will most likely mess up a few copies before I would succeed. Try not to save all changes to the original fileso that its content remained unchanged.