Resentment has been said that for women sex starts in the genitals and in the head. If you had a fight with his chosen, is unfair to hurt her with words or actions made you feel unhappy, you will have to make an effort to get back to its location – both emotional and sexual.
A habit is believed that men are more inclined to polygamy. Having studied with the time preferences of their permanent women men dream about newness – that the blood was boiling to under hands felt something "unknown". The woman also gets tired of monotony and over time some lose interest in a permanent partner.
Dissatisfaction it would Seem that if a woman has enough sex, she must want it with a vengeance. But if you can't repeatedly give your partner the experience that she lacks, she won't wait for sex with you some miracles and begin to avoid intimacy, which brings her joy.
Change of priorities of self-Realization for humans means nothing less than sex. If your woman is passionate about what he gives to fruition her creative or spiritual potential, thoughts about sex can temporarily recede into the background. You just need to wait until the priority of the spiritual (moral) needs of women are met.
A mismatch of temperaments depending on the temperament of people feel the need to have sex more or less than others, because the physiology is different for everyone. If your companion is enough to meet once a week, then all the rest of your attacks will be perceived without enthusiasm. On sex female only agree not to hurt you.
Uncertainty If a woman doubts his or her visual appeal, suffers from an inferiority complex in connection with an existing or invented her own defects or "inconsistency standard", it will shy away from intimacy. Convince her that she is beautiful.
The irony of life a Woman wants sex. But not with you. No matter how experienced and skillful a lover you would think, against his wishes, the woman with you in sex will not. Humble yourself and give her the opportunity to make love to those to whom it actually entails.