The difference of sexual needs of men and women can lead to big problems. If she wants all the time, and he can't satisfy this need, one will start controversy. And then the lady will have to find someone on the side or choose other ways of obtaining pleasure, and a man may drown in the feeling of inferiority. It is important to learn to balance the desire to both be comfortable.
Excessive desire can arise from dissatisfaction with the ladies, if she received an incomplete feeling. When her body realizes that I needed a little more for a full experience, there is another desire. This is typical of women who can experience multiple orgasms, they're not final, they are able and want more. Internal gluttony is, if the lady during sex have experienced the whole range of positive emotions, so you need to give her the opportunity to enjoy the process and make it as filled. After this act the desire for a few hours or even days. Just make the sex fast and frequent, and rare, but very intense. A man should pay maximum attention to the emotions of a woman, her sensitivity, then she will leave him alone for some time.
Continuous arousal can be caused by hormonal changes. This happens after pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion. If such things happened, you need to go to the doctor and be tested. Usually hormonal dissatisfaction is impossible to satisfy by any means. But often this condition does not last more than a couple of months, just wait and it will pass. In this period we need to teach women to be distracted by something else, to switch attention to other objects.
Nymphomania or "rabies uterus" is a pathology, but is very rare. If a woman in the lifelong always wants pleasures, if can not control myself and decided to rash acts, should go to the sexologist. Today, these sexual disorders are treated. It is important to recognize that the problem exists, and not be afraid of communication with a specialist.
Often a woman's desire can be invented. Sometimes girls think that men always want sex, and especially valuable are the women who never say 'no'. Because of these beliefs, the lady begins to play the role, which portrays a constant desire. Thus, she tries to show individuality and uniqueness and, therefore, will be appreciated this man. If this is your case – you need to talk with a partner and explain what needs a strong half of mankind is not always so great that the game and a true desire are different things.