Discuss with the head of the company or other officer to whom this question should be like summary in finished form as it should be by volume, which aspects should draw particular attention, are there going to be images, etc. are Following the plan adjust with the wishes of the leadership.
Write the full name of the firm and its brief history.
Specify what industry a firm operates, what is the essence of activities. Describe the firm produce products, provide services, perform work. Outline the geography of sales.
Give information on the Manager and the staff occupying the most important positions. Add General information about the availability of specialists and their qualifications.
Describe the current state of Affairs of the company. Give information about the market of services / production / work performed. Indicate the range of potential customers. What are the main competitors and their background show a company's competitive advantage. Provide quantitative indicators on the basis of which each may draw conclusions in favor of the organization.
Describe the development prospects of the company and its projects. Clearly and convincingly will look like the development plan, where each stage is correlated with a specific time period.
Justify the financial viability of the company. Reflect the financial needs and the payback period of invested funds.
Complete the summary by providing full contact information: postal address, website, address, email, phone, Fax. If the organization is large, you should give a list of contact details of specific officers responsible for different areas.