Briefly about yourself

To start the summary should indicate their surname, name and patronymic. Write your date of birth, address, and contact information, you can be contacted – mobile phone number, email address. If the work is remote or partially remote, it is not superfluous to specify the Skype username or ICQ number. You can also write about your marital status and presence of children, but this information is not mandatory. If necessary, the employer may specify this when your device.
If the announcement does not say that the post requires people with a certain type of appearance, to attach a picture to the summary don't need.


Under "Education" you need to specify the educational institution that you graduated from. Do not use abbreviations, write out the full name. Specify the years of training and the specialty. If you have additional education (courses, trainings), which relates to jobs, it is also worth noting.


Enter the purpose of your quest. Write the desired position, it is quite possible that the company is looking for several employees and understand what you want, without this row will be difficult. If you are applying for several similar jobs, list them separated by commas. You can also specify the desired salary.


In the first place a potential employer will pay attention to your experience, so this column should pay attention. Make a list of your previous jobs, noting the years that you spent in a particular company, the company name and your position. Briefly describe the challenges you have faced, focusing on the results you have obtained. For example, specify that you are not just doing sales, but increased them by 20%.
If you have a lot of experience, write the summary of the company where you worked the last 10 years. But people tend to change jobs can highlight your most important posts.

Additional information

If you have any skills that may be useful to the employer, describe them. You can mention the knowledge of foreign languages, ability to work with computer programs, the availability of personal car.

Making summary, recheck it. Make sure you have no spelling and punctuation errors – it is unlikely the tenant will delight illiterate fellow, align the font or the spacing, highlight the column. To find documents by looking up the samples on the Internet. It is desirable that the document took one or two sheet of A4. You can then send your resume to the employer.