You will need
  • a sheet of paper, a pencil, a eraser.
Place a sheet of paper vertically. Using a simple pencil and start doodling. If you do not work you need line – take the time to wash. Better apply several lines in one direction, lightly pressing on the pencil. Gradually specify your desired direction and then you can gently work the eraser. Mark a pencil line with the spine, it is slightly curved. Then draw the chest and the triangle area of the pelvis.
Start to outline other details. "Chest" hexagons label the muscles of the chest. On either side of it draw light lines the shoulders (their width select their own) indicate by vertical lines the direction of the hands. From "the chest", from its recess, draw the area press, label side. From the area of the pelvis mark the direction of the feet. Do not draw the lines too thick, because you'll work even on top of them.
Now you can draw some muscles. They can increase or keep as a sample. Draw the muscles of the shoulders, give a more rounded shape to the chest muscles, indicate the abs and draw the navel, which will be located between the third and fourth row of "cubes". From about the third row of "cubes" starts V-shaped muscle, which leave in the groin.
On your own draw hands and feet. When you use drawing as sketch ovals, they better convey the shape of the human body. In General, it is good to draw the naked body – need to practice life drawing or copying drawings and photos. Possible try to draw from life more than sports figures, paying attention to the structure and direction of the muscles. In the future it will help to draw people with any body weight. Be alert to body structure of each person, pay attention to the curves of his body and try as accurately as possible to give everything in your drawing.