You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • eraser.
First, on the paper draw a small blank - idol. It will be the basis of the drawing. For the figure of the calculation takes the size of the head figures. Idol should be in height equal to seven heads. The shoulders located at a distance of one and a half heads from the top of the figure. Shoulders and hips should be equal in breadth to two heads. The beginning of the thighs is at a height of three heads from the beginning of the drawing down and the knees at the level of five goals. At the stage of creating a dummy drawing details do not need anything. The main just to illustrate how a man should look.
How to draw male <strong>body</strong>
Then do a custom line-assistant right in the middle of the figure. All other parts should be drawn symmetrically it. Need a line for the preservation of the balance of the picture. You can now move on to the hands of your men. First you need to determine where he will have a belly button (usually located at a distance of two and a half heads from the top). Hand drawn, depending on the navel, because the same level are the elbows when the arms calm down. Throughout the length of the arm should be held up to mid-thigh.
After the hands start to draw feet. They have to be a little longer than other parts of the body. Knees are half way from the feet to the beginning feet.
How to draw male <strong>body</strong>
To have finally prepared a scheme of idol to turn into a showy man, you need to finish him the body is the way it happens to ordinary people. This can be achieved by using ovals and cylinders. To correctly finish the male body, required knowledge of human anatomy you need to know what muscle groups are located where and how. Make the main focus on the shoulders, not the hips.
Delete all auxiliary lines. You can use the regular eraser (as long as it was soft). Gradually the figure, consisting of incomprehensible lines and sketches, gets a human face. Don't forget to checkout the face. For the lower part of the idol need to round out and place chin. Eyes can do what you want: wide open, closed, half-closed. Most importantly - place them proportionally. The face is drawn on the same principle that all the body - using the knowledge of anatomy. Using the eraser tool permanently erase unnecessary details. And also, where necessary, trace the outline again. Your man ready.
How to draw male <strong>body</strong>