Immediately is to say that a property deduction is available once in a lifetime. This means that you have the ability to return the money in the amount of paid state income tax after the acquisition of such types of property like house, apartment, land. According to the law, you can recover no more than 13% of the value of the purchased property. However, the value of the property must not exceed 2 million rubles. If you acquired the property under the mortgage, in this case, your apartment can cost more than 2 million rubles, but the deduction will still be 13% of the total cost of housing.
To begin the process of income tax refund in connection with real estate purchase, you must contact the tax office. Provide a statement and two references from accounting 3-NDFL and 2-NDFL, receipts indicating the amount of the cost of purchasing apartment, house or plot and also the documents confirming your ownership of the new property. If you were issued a mortgage, you will need documents for a mortgage loan together with the loan agreement.
If your children are in paid educational institution full-time students and have not reached the age of 24, you can return the income tax for education. First write the application in tax inspection with the requirement to provide a tax deduction for the education of their child. Prepare a package of documents: certificate of birth, passport, certificate 2-NDFL, the license of the University and a copy of the payment receipt of tuition, the contract with the University.
Refund of income tax not only for their own treatment, but the treatment of the next of kin of the husband or wife, my child or ward in the amount of up to 13% of the money spent on medications and procedures. But the amount of the paid income tax for the year must be equal to the compensated sum or to cover it.
The maximum cost of the usual treatment should not exceed the limit set by the state and equal to 120 000 rubles. As for the treatment with the use of expensive procedures and medicines, then in this case, the amount of money is not restricted.
To receive a tax refund first, write a statement to FNS. Required documents:
two inquiries from accounting work (2-NDFL and 3-NDFL);
- payment receipt;
- contract and copy of contract for the provision of treatment;
- a certificate stating the payment for all services medicine for tax inspection;
- the personal passport or the passport of husband/wife or a birth certificate of the child depending on who was treated;
- if necessary, a copy of the marriage certificate;
license and a copy of the medical establishment.