You will need
  • new cloth, special backing cloth, adhesive for bonding fabrics and particle Board, hammer, nails, bench level.
Disassemble a pool table. Remove the screen and the holes, then Unscrew the side, freeing access to the edge of the playing cloth. Remove the old coating and lining fabric.
Carefully inspect the base of the billiard table. Ordinary tables it is made of chipboard, the more expensive use a special slab of stone. For them there is a special method of restringing a pool table, so it is better to entrust to specialists.
Found damage on the particle Board need to be addressed. Using bench level, define vignette or depression in the ground. They must be eliminated either by using mastic tree, or by Stripping. Prepared for hauling a pool table must be dried.
Apply glue to the chipboard surface. Then place the lining fabric on top, smoothing out all wrinkles and creases. Occurring air bubbles, you must withdraw from the center to the edge of the table with a plastic spatula. Leave glued the carpet to dry completely. Then, cut edges, aligning and turning them from all sides.
Start hauling sauna. Spread a new cloth over the entire surface of the table. Place it so that all overhangs are the same. First pull the middle of the cloth on the short Board and fix with nails and a hammer, nailing the cloth to the side of the chipboard. Repeat with the other side.
Similarly we perform the same operation with the long sides of the billiard table. When all the middle tense, start pinning the cloth on a Billiards table throughout the area.