First you need to settle the appetite. Maybe you just got used to eating little. A Cup of coffee without sugar for Breakfast, a couple of sandwiches at lunch and cottage cheese at night – such a regime cannot be considered healthy. Most likely, your appetite is suppressed. If it's stress related, try to calm down. Set mode of work and rest before moving on to a new diet.
Review the list of consumed products. They should be enough calories. Include nutritious foods, choose those that contain enough vitamins. From muffins and cakes should be abandoned in favor of dried apricots, dates, figs, nuts. Also good are bananas, grapes, sweet apples. These products are great for snacking.
Morning meal should be thick enough. Perfect Breakfast – sweet porridge, banana and coffee with milk. You can drink coffee with a sandwich – grain bread and butter perfectly saturate. If appetite in the morning, you can drink yogurt, these healthy drinks, as a rule, quite greasy.
In the afternoon, do not neglect soups, particularly borsch and salt. Also don't forget about meat and fish. The fatty fish, such as mackerel, will help in the recruitment of weight, providing the body with beneficial fats. It is better to combine meat and fish with fresh vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil or sour cream.
Astenika is not necessary to give dinner to the enemy. There are bad at night only if we are talking about the heavy meal, half an hour before bedtime. For easy but nutritious dinner is suitable, for example, cottage cheese casserole with sour cream, boiled potatoes with herbs, steamed vegetables. You can drink soothing herbal tea – chamomile or mint.
Think about what foods give you pleasure. Among them certainly there are those that will help to recover and will not harm health. For example, chocolate is high in calories, but it has useful substances. Try to include in your diet as well as homemade desserts, ice cream, fruit jam, various cocktails based cream with the addition of sweet berries.