You will need
    • a container of water
    • big needle or needle;
    • nuts;
    • sugar;
    • cinnamon
    • cloves;
    • banks for conservation.
To remove the bitterness of young walnuts before cooking they must be soaked in water, be sure to puncture with a fork or knitting needle. Remove the top layer of each fruit (enough poskresti it with a knife) and make a puncture in two or three places. Put in a large container of warm water for at least a week. Change the water every day.Only after this rather tedious procedure, the bitterness will go away. Undoubtedly time is spent not small, but the end result is worth it.
Cook of bitter nuts "Eastern dish". Soak the nuts. Puncture the core of each nut in 2-3 places with a thick needle and dip it in the water at room temperature. Macerate 2 weeks, not forgetting every morning and evening to change the water.
Cook the kernels until cooked (ready nut freely pierces a knife or fork) and drain in a sieve. While the water flows prepare the syrup for preservation of fruit (1 liter water 10-12 tablespoons of sugar, bring to a boil).
The dried nuts are put in the syrup and leave for 12 hours. After this time the syrup boil again. Please note, if the syrup will be a day of liquid have to boil it along with walnutmi third time.
Hot nuts, lay in sterilized jars, pour the remaining syrup and seal. Wrap up for the day.
Another option is to cook the green nuts is to make jam from them. Young nuts, easy protekauschie with a toothpick, rinse with cold running water, remove green skin. Then cover with cold water, which again should be changed every 6-8 hours for at least three days, and then to fill the day with lime water.
In a day remove the nuts, rinse thoroughly with water, pierce in several places and dip it in the water for another two days. Left only blanch the nuts in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
Next, you make a syrup from two cups of water and 2 kg of sugar. When the syrup is ready, remove from the heat and add the nuts. Also, the syrup must add 10 grams cinnamon and 10 buds cloves, placed in a gauze bag. Then pour in the jam, the juice of two lemons, bring again to a boil until the nuts are soft. Take out the bag, place in jars and leave for a day, wrapped in a cotton towel.