The choice of nuts and the preparation of dishes

Walnut jam is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, magnesium, copper, iodine, zinc, volatile, vitamin e, C and group B. it is Necessary to approach the selection of nuts with all responsibility, after all, this is half the battle. For jam suitable large nuts perfect without any flaws and dark spots. The fruit must be green, to have a delicate milk shell inside. Check the nuts, you can: puncture the fruit with a toothpick, if it passes through smoothly, you raw materials of excellent quality. Suitable time for harvesting of jam – this is the second half of June.

To properly approach to the selection of dishes for jam. Copper basin is not suitable, because copper ions have the ability to destroy ascorbic acid. Also not suitable aluminum pots, the high acidity of the jam will break the oxide film, the metal falls directly into the product. The best option may be the stainless steel cookware or enameled container. Glass jars and lids are recommended to be washed with a solution of baking soda, to scald boiled water, to dry. The lids can be boiled in water.

Recipe of jam

Before proceeding to the process of cooking, you will prepare the fruit. Put on the hand silicone or plastic gloves, clean the nuts from the green skins. Soak the fruit in a bowl of cold water for two days, it should be at least five times a day to change the water.

After a time, drain the water and immerse the walnuts in a lime solution. For its preparation you need to dissolve 500 grams of slaked lime in 5 liters of water, leave for several hours, drain. Keep the green nuts need in a few hours, this will remove the bitter taste from the future of jam. The fruits thoroughly under running water and prick with fork in several places, soak again in cold water for two or three days.

Here are the necessary ingredients for making jam: 100 pieces of walnut, 2 cups water, 2 pounds granulated sugar, 1 lemon and 10 cloves buds. Put prepared walnuts in boiling water which should completely cover the fruit. Cook on medium heat for ten minutes, then drain the nuts in a sieve.

Mix two cups water with sugar, bring to the boil, remove the foam. Dip in the syrup, the nuts, add the cloves and squeezed lemon juice. Bring the mass to boil. Turn off, wait for the jam to cool, then boil again. Repeat this step three times. Put the finished jam in sterilized jars, close.