The main diet of rabbits

как кормить домашнего кролика

The most important place in the diet of a rabbit is hay. Dry grass should always be in a cage. To control the amount of hay the animals eat is not worth it. This type of feed has a beneficial effect on the digestion process and simultaneously performs so-called cleansing of the stomach.

Hay for rabbits you can buy in specialized stores, or harvest your own. When collecting herbs you should pay special attention to her grades. It is likely that hay can get seeds of plants that are poisonous to animals.
In addition to hay rabbits need to give other kinds of roughage – leafy-twig mixture and straw. The best woody forage for these animals are shoots of birch, Linden, maple, and aspen.

Green fodder

чем кормить домашнего вислоухого кролика

Green food called all kinds of plant foods. Rabbits should definitely give fresh leaves, grass and foliage of garden plants. In the diet should include potato tops, strawberry leaves, young nettles, dandelion, sedges, plantain and wild clover.

Succulent feed

To juicy fodders are vegetables and fruits. Primary products necessary to the rabbits for normal development, take carrots, cabbage, green beans, peas, pears and apples. There are some individuals who show interest in bananas and apricots.
Rabbits not feeding wet grass. Otherwise, the animal will suffer from indigestion.

The amount of cabbage in the diet of rabbits should be monitored. If you give to animals this product too often, rabbits can produce diarrhea.

Rabbits can be given almost any vegetable crops. Animals love to feast on, for example, Jerusalem artichoke, beets and turnips. The potato is better to give rabbits boiled. Pre-tubers knead, turning the mixture into a puree.

Concentrated feed for rabbits

Какое неприхотливое животное завести

Concentrated feed for rabbits sold in almost every specialty store. These foods have high content of proteins and carbohydrates. In the diet of rabbits they should be used as supplements to the staple food. The concentrates include corn, oats and barley. By the way the female rabbits during feeding, many experts recommend giving cereal "Hercules".
From the excessive use of concentrated feed in rabbits may develop obesity.

Along with concentrated feed rabbits is recommended to give special vitamin supplements and granular feeding. In appearance, these products look like ordinary dry food.