Irrational pionieering food is the main cause of obesity. People eat too much, thus does not compensate for excess energy intake with physical exercise. And where in the city to find the loads they could in a short time "burn" the extra half thousand calories gained during lunch with a hamburger and fries?
Diethylethanolamine low-calorie diet can also cause excess weight gain. With the reduction of nutrients, the body gradually goes into sverhekonomnoe mode of operation and reduces its energy costs by 15-30%.If the person leaves the diet dramatically, not allowing the body to return to normal needs, you receive weight. All because every calorie in excess of the reduced rate is deposited in reserve. There is a phenomenon in which a person, figuratively speaking, even the fullness from the glass of water.
Lack of physical activityPeople go to work in a car or public transport to work, too. Labor day spend hours sitting at the computer and getting up only to go to the photocopier. Such a small physical activity can not compensate for an hour and a half a week spent in the gym or the pool.
Of endocrine zabolevaniya proportion of endocrine diseases accounted for 4,5-5% of cases of obesity (the so-called secondary, symptomatic obesity). In these cases obesity is a symptom of disorders in the endocrine system: an insulinoma, Cushing's disease, and others.
Genotipo 40% of cases obesity is due to genotype. It is the genes "program" Constitution of man, his rate of metabolic processes. However, overweight is a multifaceted phenomenon, and not the last role in its origin plays the wrong way of life.
Vasastaden often overweight people have after 30. This is because after reaching maturity in the body there are some specific changes: hormonal changes, metabolism slows down and so on.