Why people lose weight

The individual's self-esteem a lot in this matter. Most people lose weight because they consider themselves too fat. And it does not depend on what they really are.

People lose weight to please myself and others. Some such a step is pushing the lack of attention.

How is losing weight our body

It is known that the human body is gaining weight from the bottom. That is, first the fat accumulates in the legs, then the hips. Then begins to recover tummy, and later the chest, shoulders and face.

But, go the extra pounds in the opposite sequence, or top - down. In fact it is нb other than an optical illusion. The body gains fat and gets rid of it evenly, but due to the fact that in the upper part of his body were much less changes in it happen faster.

Causes weight loss

Reasons why the human body loses weight? set. In a few months you can lose up to 10% of the total mass of the body.
People can start to lose weight unexpectedly and not voluntarily. The reasons for this abrupt change can be stress or strong emotional experience.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to lose weight. Many people in the hot summer months to lose weight. In the heat increases the water loss by the body and lost appetite. But this should not be abused because of overheating of the body can get to the hospital.

In addition, it happens sometimes that the weight loss is serious reason to see a doctor, because it could signal disease.

The most famous ways to lose weight

Of course, the most common but not the most effective way to lose weight is fasting. But this method is not only effective, it is also dangerous to health.

The second most popular ways are, of course, dieting. Currently there are more than 30 thousand. Most of them developed by doctors, nutritionists, and others based on the experience of people who managed to lose weight.

Often wanting to lose a few extra pounds are beginning to play sports. It is the sport that is the most effective way to lose weight.

And an entirely new way of losing weight is a fractional power. Thanks to its effectiveness it has gained huge popularity.

The rules of weight loss

When you choose any way of dealing with excess weight, you need to follow some rules in order not to harm your health.

To achieve the desired result, you should stick to the principle: it is better to eat less but more often. Thus it is necessary to abandon harmful food, such as potato chips, alcoholic beverages, sausages.

You should lead an active lifestyle, increasing gradually the physical strain on your body. And, of course, the last meal should be at least 4 hours before bedtime.