You will need
  • program Xplore to access the system files
  • - Zip manager to unzip this program
Download Xplore to the smartphone from the official site - where it is paid - or else, for free. With Zip manager, extract and install to the memory card.
Run this app, wait until the system will scan the phone. In menu, select setting. Click language and select the desired language. Then restart the program.
In the settings menu, select show hidden files and drives. You can also customize the format in the program files and divided drives. This will significantly reduce the time of search and removal.
Open the C: drive . There are hidden and system files, browser history, information about previously installed software.
Check out the folders for other files, documents, programs. Open all folders at a time. Remove all unnecessary. Games, photos, music can be transferred to the memory card.
Go to messages. In the settings view, which disk is stored messages. Check for the message memory to the memory card. Transfer folder with Bluetooth, transfer data to the card. Delete unnecessary messages.
Go to file Manager to view all the folders and applications. Remove unnecessary options. There are some installation files are already deleted apps and games. They score memory the most.
Connect the machine to the computer using the usb cable. Scan your smartphone for viruses. Open the C: drive and delete the files whose formats are not defined or prohibited. In the folder photo and pictures often appear the empty files that take up a lot of memory. In the settings you can compress the files and folders that weigh a lot.
Clear history in Internet browsers as well as downloading of Opera mini. Even if the browser installed on the memory card, it stores all data in the phone memory.
In the camera menu, select recording. Set to record to the memory card. It will also allow you to increase the video recording time.