You will need
  • program Radmin;
  • - TV tuner.
Make sure that your notebook supports the function of video input. To do this, look on the Internet the specification of your model relative to connecting video equipment. Do not confuse this feature with the presence of a VGA or DVI connectors, they in most cases are used to transmit graphical information to the output device.
If you do not have video input on laptop, buy and install a TV tuner with the desired connector for use in the quality monitor. You can buy them in any computer stores. Configure the computer's analog video output. The setting is very simple, it is in the settings of your video card and monitor will set the desired configuration use the device.
Usually these settings can be viewed in the properties of the desktop to the control panel or in the settings of the graphics card, opening a program that is installed with the drivers. Everything here can also depend on adapter, so the configuration is individual for each computer. If you cannot set the desired configuration, locate the wiring diagram for your model video card to the TV, this would be analogous to the use of the monitor of the laptop.
Download and install on your computer the program Radmin. Install it on the laptop, holding the desired setting of the hardware configuration. Use it to browse files not only on one but on a different computer. Also in the Internet many different programs that offer you to use them to improve the display of this type of connection, but most of them do not work as all the settings that you can change, change yourself without any additional equipment. Another thing – their installation to enhance the functionality.