To reduce traffic in several main ways. First of all you should block the browser ads and flash. Disable pop-UPS. If the question of economy traffic is very serious, disable the viewing of graphics. You will always be able to watch the desired picture by clicking right-click and clicking "Show".
Use the browsers have their own cache. The presence of a cache allows to save the traffic when you revisit the same pages. In addition, the pages open faster because part of the data is displayed from the cache. Very convenient in this respect the Opera browser AC. This is a modified community of users of the Opera browser with many advanced settings. A private cache is and Mozilla Firefox.
To save traffic it is very convenient to use a caching proxy by Handy Cache, you can freely download this software on the Internet. Proxy server is embedded between the Internet and the browser, passing through itself all traffic and logging to cache noted in the settings data. At the same time saving traffic can reach 50% or more.
A significant reduction in consumption of traffic can be achieved using free online services, performing gzip compression of pages. One of the best services of this kind is the Web Warper: For page compression, the user pays for the viewing of an advertising banner at the top of open pages.
Banner advertising can be quite easily cut using the aforementioned proxy by Handy Cache. To do this, open the source code of the page that is viewed via, find the line of script for the ad unit and insert it into the filter proxy. Banner will stop appearing on your pages.
Another good service of this kind is traffic compressor: However, the best quality is achieved only with a paid subscription. Free services often unavailable or running slowly.