If you surf the Internet through the computer, one way is to turn off images and scripting java and flash in the settings of the Internet browser. Once you disable the above elements, you will reduce traffic by at least thirty to forty percent.
If disabling the above elements is not possible, you can try to use an anonymizer. This service, originally designed to bypass proxy, but with a couple of clicks of the mouse you can turn off images downloading and execution of scripts that are different from php, which will lead to approximately the same result as using your browser settings.
If you want to curtail the traffic both on the phone and on the computer, you can use the special Opera mini browser. In order to use them with your mobile phone, just install it in the case of a computer you'll need a java emulator, after the install you will be able to use this browser. In order to increase the savings of the traffic, disable images in Opera mini's settings.