First, try to configure your browser. In each browser at the moment you can disable downloading images and executable scripts, which are often simply not needed. Disabling these two coponent, you significantly reduce the cost of Internet.
There are special services for the compression of information you are requesting. They constitute the proxy servers through which you access the sites. In turn, they compress information, which is then forwarded to you. Among their disadvantages is the fact that in the majority they are not free,and in case, if there is free access, no one can guarantee the security of the transmission channel such important information as, for example, credit card numbers.
The most convenient and economical way to reduce traffic is to use the Opera mini browser. This browser was originally intended for use on cell phones. The essence of his action is the same as the services, but in this case, the information is transmitted via a secure connection and it takes seconds to reach the user. Use a java emulator to run Opera mini, and then disable images to save traffic.