You will need
    • butter;
    • water;
    • carrot juice;
    • salt;
    • apples;
    • baking soda;
    • bread;
    • birch charcoal;
    • milk;
    • gauze;
    • pan;
Rinse several times rancid oil in large quantity of water and a pinch of salt. After that, pour in a bit of natural carrot juice and stir the resulting mass. Carrot juice will return the oil previously lost thin and delicate taste.
Boil in a pan of stale oil a few times after adding the chopped slices Antonov apples. Then strain hot oil with slices of apples through the cheesecloth, rinse it with water and shake them while still hot. The recovered oil will once again become fit for consumption.
Wash the rancid oil with a solution of water with baking soda, taking for solution 1 Cup water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. After that the oil should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water and a little salt. The taste of the oil will immediately become better, and smell nicer.
Put rancid butter and a small piece of bread in the pan and melt down on low heat the butter along with the bread. The bread will absorb the bitterness and unpleasant odor, and you'll be able to enjoy a pleasant and creamy taste of butter.
Melt the stale oil in the pan and add 1 Cup of pre-pounded and sifted birch charcoal. The resulting mass leave in a warm place for a day. The next day again melt the mixture of butter and birch charcoal and strain it until it gets cold. After that, the oil will return to the taste suitable for food product.
Put rancid butter in fresh milk, several times carefully knead it in milk, then rinse in water and season with salt. Natural fresh milk will dissolve the oil acid, which in excess is contained in rancid oil, and will be removed from the product available in its bad taste and stale smell. Water, when washing with oil will remove it from the milk, and recovered oil will once again become appetizing.