You will need
Place bought butter in the fridge. The retention period depends on date of manufacture, type of product, packaging, and storage temperature. So creamy oil in packs, Packed in foil and stored no longer than 20 days in a parchment - not more than 10 days. Storage temperature of the product should be from 0 to +6оС. Sandwich the oil is maintained at the same temperature for 15 hours. If you bought cream the butter for future use, place it in the freezer. Store it in the freezer can be for two months at temperature of -18 ° C.
Place the butter oil in a grease gun, if you bought it in bulk. The container storing oil should be opaque, as light oil, oxidized (above it appears rancid yellow layer). Oiler also should be closed tightly, as this product absorbs odors. If you don't have nipples, wrap the butter in foil or in parchment, in polyethylene it can not be stored.
Store oil in a warm time of the year when there is no refrigerator in the following manner. In a small saucepan, pour cold water, add salt enough to make a strong solution. Place in a container of brine butter oil, wrapped in parchment or foil. Be sure to cover the cookware with the oil,m cap. Twice a day change the water and try to quickly use oil.
Melt down the butter, if it still provarlo. Cut and discard the top yellow layer, put it in a saucepan or frying pan. When the oil starts to boil, add two or three slices of Apple. Boil it, remove from heat, remove cloves, and let cool slightly. Again, put the bowl with oilm on fire, put new slices of Apple, again boil it. Refrigerate the oil, periodically whisking it with a fork until it has cooled.