Study package

To distinguish high-quality natural butter from margarine and product with extraneous additives without any special chemical tests and at home. For starters, you need to carefully read the label on the packaging of the product – if its fat content is more than 60%, the butter actually is. If the fat content is below the stated percent, it means that you have purchased margarine.

The spread called product based on vegetable and milk fat, which is a competitor of butter and contains no cholesterol.

Also, special attention should be paid to the composition of the product – if it is palm or peanut oil, then you are not butter. In this product should be only animals, not vegetable fats. Important here and the expiration date: if it's too big, the butter definitely contain preservatives and Vice versa, the shorter the shelf life, the less in the product of various chemicals and other additives.

Conduct a home experiment: check the genuineness and the quality

To determine the "authenticity" of butter, cut a slice and leave it for an hour at room temperature. Natural product, will become soft, but not spread out on a plate, retaining its original shape. You can pour a Pat of butter boiling water – it should quickly melt and spread on the water an oily yellowish Islands or droplets.
Margarine will continue to swim in boiling water, comprised of small pieces when you try mixing.

In addition, a piece of butter can be put in the freezer for three to four hours, then you need to try to cut it with a knife. Natural product without additives will crumble and break away pieces. To determine the presence of chemicals can also use a hot frying pan – quality butter melted evenly, not forming a whitish foam and puddles of water that are normally associated with low-quality vegetable fats.

Good oil to the touch should be smooth and solid, and its smooth and brilliant slice should not be split under the knife. Butter a nice yellow color is composed of chemical dyes, as a natural product is always characterized by pure white color and unobtrusive creamy smell. In addition, this butter has a delicate and mild flavor with no bitterness and other foreign impurities.