You will need
  • Laptop, hard disk.
First, let's talk about what is a hard disk of a modern laptop and how to get it. An inexperienced user might think that to replace the hard drive it will have to untwist the lid and do other ridiculous "movements". No. In our case all the more simple. Hard drive for laptop is a compact plate that can be individual based approach to a particular model of laptop), but universal (to fit to several models at once). What you need to perform to install the hard drive in the laptop? You need to carry out next.
Turn the computer over and locate the cover under which is hidden the hard disk. This cover is usually fixed to the latches, and to confuse it with anything else is extremely difficult (but do not confuse it with battery, it happens). Remove this cover. After that you will open the hard disk mounted on laptop. Understand that this is a hard drive, you will be able in two ways: by a distinctive sticker on the device, and also simply by comparing the installed device on which you plan to replace it. If both devices are identical, you can proceed to replace the hard disk.
Freeing the old hard disk from all the fasteners that secures it, remove the device from the case. Install in its place a new hard drive and attach in its place all the elements of the fasteners. Close the lid, after which, turn the laptop on. At this stage you will need to install the new system and format the disk (this is all done in the BIOS).