If you have an old computer with small hard drive, you have long felt the lack of space to store your own files. To solve there are two ways to change a computer's HDD or buy an external hard drive.

External hard drive connects via USB port to any computer or laptop without the need for a specific software, so that photos, documents on this drive you can take with you to view them on other PCs.

What is an external hard drive?

It is a plain disk (big as for a standard PC or small laptop) to a plastic or metal box. Inside the box hard drive attached to the special Board to which the outside connects to the standard USB wire. Also this Board provides the power connection for the hard drive.

Helpful hint: ceteris paribus, choose an external hard drive rubberized case that protects the device from small mechanical loads.

Which hard drive to choose?

1. The capacity of the hard disk. What it is, the more information can be stored there.

2. The speed of rotation. Also the more the better because the higher copy speed of Informatii on the hard drive with it (for example, 7200rpm is better than 5400rpm). However, most fast SSDS. They have no such option because their work is different.

3. Interface. It also affects the speed of access to information. The fastest interface is SATA3.

Useful tip: before you buy learn detailed description of the device on the manufacturer's website, read reviews.