You will need
  • - passport;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the decision of the court.
Get a driver's license, which you lost as soon as the period of deprivation ended. If on this day off, or national day, to the right you will be able on the first working day after the expiry of the period of deprivation.
According to the MIA order No. 782, dated 20 July 2000, you are entitled to get your identity back, presenting a medical certificate is not expired. The validity of the medical certificate for presentation to the traffic police is 3 years. Therefore, if the period has expired, then you need to pass all physicians to obtain a new medical certificate.
To get help, contact the local hospital at the place of residence. Get a ticket to see a physician who will prescribe you the directions on the necessary examinations and will be given a form on which to sign all narrow specialists listed on the application form.
You will have to visit the city or regional drug dispensary and city or provincial psychiatric hospital. The psychiatrist and the psychiatrist shall issue a conclusion about your state of health, to put their signature and seal issued by the therapist in the form. Under the signatures and seals of the said specialists put the seal in registry.
Also help you are to present the resolution on deprivation of the driving license, passport. More produce any documents you don't have to. You may be required to produce the receipt of payment of administrative or other penalties. The rights will be returned to you without driving tests and theory, as the delivery of any exams after the revocation of the driver's license is not required by law.