Make sure that the document is lost

First, make sure that your rights are not lying around in a bag, purse, car glove box or elsewhere. Carefully inspect all places where it may be document. If ID is nowhere, and you're sure you lost it, start collecting the paper to get a new driver's license.

Required documents

Prepare the necessary documents. You will need a passport or other identity document, document confirming your registration at the place of residence or place of stay, medical certificate, certificate of training, photography and the payment order (receipt) of payment of exams.


Please contact the traffic police. Please submit the required documents and write a statement about the loss of documents. In the statement specify that you are asking to issue a driver's license instead of lost.

Medical certificate

Remember that a medical certificate must not be expired. It does not matter how much time remains before the end of the validity period. Even if you have it ends in a few days, you are required to issue a new license.

Driver's card

Do not forget to attach the document on passage of training. Without a driver's card you will not be able to obtain new rights.

Temporal resolution

Will receive a temporary permit. It is usually issued for one month. For this you will need to pay a fee in the amount of 500 rubles.

The fee

For the basic package of documents for obtaining a new driver's license attach a receipt about payment of state duty. It is 800 rubles for a document is made of expendables on a plastic basis (in other words, for laminated paper).

A new document

Keep in mind that the wait for a new driver's license you will need no less than a month. The new document will differ from the old by the fact that in the column about the special notes will indicate that this is a duplicate.