The code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation (Cao RF) for the Commission of specific administrative offences punishment in the form of deprivation of the right of control of the vehicle. The offender traffic police inspector confiscated the driver's license, and instead issued a temporary permit, the validity of which may not exceed two months.
However, the validity period of the temporary permission for the operation of the vehicle may be extended in cases where the statutory two-month period in the case of an administrative offence was not considered. Keep in mind that the deadline is extended only at the request of the offender and not more than one month.
After the judge passes the decision on withdrawal of your right to control the vehicle, within ten days, you can appeal against this judicial act. After ten days the decision is deemed to have come into force. From this moment begins the countdown of the period during which you have no right to sit behind the wheel.
By law, within three working days from the date of entry of the judgment in effect you are required to surrender the temporary permit or submit an application in case of lost temporal resolution. Documents must be submitted to the Department of traffic police, executing a court order on deprivation of a special law. If you do not, the term of deprivation of the right control stops and resumes only after you will be handed a temporary permit or filed an application for its loss.
Once the period of disqualification ends, contact the passport and medical certificate and an appropriate sample division of traffic police where you have previously passed a temporary resolution. The police can request from you a copy of the judgement, however, be aware that this requirement is illegal. In this case, please contact us with a written statement in the traffic police for issuance of a driver's license and requires a written waiver. That should work.