You will need
  • - musical recording;
  • player;
  • - computer with sound programs;
  • - microphone and headphone;
  • - videos with exercises to music;
  • book of poems;
  • - wooden stick;
  • - wooden spoons;
  • - rattle;
  • - matchboxes.
Start with reading poems. Choose anything from classics, ryflowane and with a clear rhythm. It is possible to remember a poem that you once learned in school. Read it aloud, placing the stress clearly and carefully listening to your voice.
Read the poem again, tapping his wand on the table. On the stressed syllable do blow up, in unstressed — down. Try to read the passage silently, in the same way tapping the rhythm.
When you feel that the taps correspond exactly to the alternation of syllables, leave the poem alone and just tap the beat. Clapping his hands. If you doubt their success, ask for help someone from home. Read him a poem, and then clapping.
Find in the library a familiar song. Singing artist, otlukilise the rhythm is exactly the same as you did with the poem. Then try turning off the sound. It is possible to check, by writing one of the audio programs that you get. Try singing to myself, to the soundtrack left only rhythm. Compare the result with the recording of the song. If necessary, repeat the experiment with other songs.
Periodically change the "tools". Suitable rattles, wooden spoons, match box, jar of peas, and more. Of cans can get a great drum. Many items are in the box with children's toys, if you have.
Invite someone from home to play. You will knock the rhythm, and he has to guess what song you are rattled. Best of all these exercises to perform with someone from children. They also bring tangible benefits. Choose only well-known to all participants of the melody.
A rhythm need to feel not only ears, but also the whole body. Once you learn it well knock it, try to drown the music. You can take not only a song but an instrumental melody with a clear rhythm. Protophyte, noting stressed and unstressed share.
Great benefit can bring gymnastics to music. If it is not possible to enroll in a section of aerobics, exercise at home. You can find exercises on CD-ROMs or videos on the Internet. The video will speed up the process. Try to keep your movements exactly coincide with those performed by the coach. Do not forget to listen to the music.
Try often to dance. If you are shy, choose a time when no one is home. Some secrecy in this case can bring for you and for them in the future, a pleasant discovery. One day you just surprise.