If you need to ask financial assistance for a good cause, apply for financial support from the employer. Write the statement correctly, with a consistent presentation of his ideas. It specify the reasons for which you need money urgently, and attach the necessary documents confirming the request. Verify the authenticity of all documents placed in the data.
Reason for financial assistance should be weighty: the birth of a child, wedding, death of a loved one, the need for urgent medical surgery or treatment in an expensive clinic, the trip for health reasons on health improvement, etc.
The amount of financial assistance is determined individually and at the same time. In the case of a positive decision on your application is written the order in which you specify the amount of financial assistance and terms of payment. Be sure to read it.
You need to ask for increase in salary consider and work out alone, you will talk to the boss about the raise. Find the courage to ask for a raise. If you are not sure what a decent financial incentive for their work, and the boss is also doubted. Don't go for a raise, if only to motivate the phrase "Petrov got a raise and I didn't get?".
Decide what increase you request. Cannot be used as argument data on the amounts of the salaries of your colleagues complaining that you are working in the firm longer that anyone else. The question of who and how many work in this company, will never be important to the financial increases. The head will be evaluated by experience, and the personal contribution and the result of the employee.
Collect and provide data confirming the value of your contribution to the financial achievements of the company. This can be reports over the past year with a demonstration of the gross income of a company or your personal business projects successfully completed recently.