Gain strength and determination to change your life and start it anew. First, give yourself one day (or even less) to finally crying and feel sorry for myself. Cry as much as needed. After an hour you'll probably notice that the left tears. Write all your negative emotions about the incident and not reading, burn.
Use for a successful farewell to the previous NLP. From the point of view of this branch of psychology, it is easier to go from the memory of those events that are emotionally less colored. Consequently, for your purpose, suitable reduction in the emotional brightness of the events (of a person). Alexander Lyubimov on his website recommends visualizing pictures of a traumatic situation, put on glass, and smash it with a hammer. You can also push it away from yourself as far as you can image this situation or person to reduce the brightness and reduce the sounds of this situation, making them dull and deaf.
Accept your past. The fight with him and the desire to erase it from memory will not lead to any significant result. Past you can accept, let go, learn from it, but make it disappear is impossible. Accept that it's part of your life, a part of you, but the past part. Find it a positive experience, your unique experience, and mentally put in that situation. Also mentally face in the future.
Take charge of your destiny and not let any of these people in any situations to control your destiny. A sense of responsibility for yourself will not allow you to limp and give up. If not and you still feel sorry for myself and I feel that someone is you corrected the situation, then it's time to get angry! Angry at yourself, the abuser - you have a sense of dignity and pride, in the end. The feeling of anger helps us to let go of things no longer relevant - with people, situations and themselves-in the past, and to take a step forward.
Now step into a new level of suffering and pity to activity. The search for new ideas, goals, Hobbies, just interests, experiences should occupy your brain, your strength. Learn to live in the present, not thoughts and feelings about the past. Look for it in its present position new joy and opportunities. Use the time usefully, don't waste your life on useless worries. You probably have needs, passions, and goals, which you have forgotten. It's time to implement them!