Specify for yourself the answer to the question: why are you so attached to the past? So maybe due to the fact that the past was perfect and you are afraid that no future could not compare with him. Or, on the contrary, in the past happened, bad things, and you think that they are superimposed on the present, making life unbearable.
If you prefer the first option, try to realize that life will turn in the direction in which you want to rotate. If your second option, you know - the repetition of the past is possible only if a complete reconstruction of the situation that was then. And personality is participating in this event must be on the same level of intellectual, physical and moral development, as at the time. That, of course, impossible.
The past is the experience of man, his life. On the basis of past years you form the present. But at the same time, the past should not prevent you to live today and now. To get rid of obsessive thoughts, try, use the psychological technique, which can be called "Archiving the past".
Exercise select free time, which you will not be disturbed. Sit down and calmly recall the events of the past, thoughts about which you annoy.
Imagine your brain is a supercomputer. Create on your hard drive a folder called "Past". Mentally put the events, the memories of which don't allow you to live in the present.
Put memories in the folder slowly, gently. Try not to forget anything. After filling, squeeze her by the archiver to the minimum size.
Then create a folder called "Present". It put the most important and significant for the moment, the files: "Child", "Parent", "Dreams", "Work", "Success", etc.
Whenever you begin to appear thoughts about the past, think about an archived folder in a remote corner of memory, but open an important folder with this lying on the Desktop.
Of course, access to the memories of the past, if they are needed, it should be. Continue to fill the directory "Current" with new files, and outdated – go to archive.
To the proposed technique proved to be effective, you have to exert effort and to follow all recommendations. But without the work progress is impossible. And don't let the pastto build the future, because this work is real!