Understand that no matter how lovely it is to you now may seem, will not return. It is possible to make only the conclusions, to analyze their mistakes, to try never to repeat them. Be aware of the reasons why your happiness has not developed. Tell yourself: "Stop living in the past!", and start life anew.
The reason that pleasant memories of the past keep coming back, can be uneventful, boring and monotonous today your life. A shortage of new experiences unconsciously compensated by reserves from the Luggage of a past life. So, fill your present life with new experiences, acquaintances and impressions. Stop to spend evenings at home, refusing offers to meet and go have fun with friends. Start, for example, to travel or find a hobby that will help strike up new interesting acquaintances.
If, on the contrary, memories of the past pull a loop of insults and betrayals, you could withdraw into themselves and stop trusting people. Maybe you're just afraid of a new relationship, not to experience more disappointment. Bad experience does not allows you to open up towards new feeling. But in this case, you should not lock yourself in four walls. You have family and friends that you always love, they will support and never betray. Meet with them often, get their attention and love again, believe in yourself and in people.
Analyze their unwillingness to forget the past, the reasons why you cling to him. Maybe you unconsciously don't want to change something in my life, afraid to come out from this vicious, but this has the usual circle. Honestly admit it – can be the victim of circumstances suits you, you like the attention and sympathy of others? Refrain from such behavior until it is too late. At a time when you cherish the memories, life can pass by.
Stop fruitless suffering. Throw a party with friends and solemnly bury the past to tomorrow to continue life, appreciating each moment of the present and hope for the future.