Advice 1: How to distinguish a fake tissot

Brand Tissot designed in Switzerland (the village of Le Locle) in 1853. The company now supplies high-quality watches in more than 150 countries. But, unfortunately, very common to find fake rolex watches that look very similar to genuine. Therefore it is necessary to examine some of the characteristics that you will be able to avoid mistakes and to distinguish a fake before purchase.
How to distinguish a fake tissot
To distinguish a fake rolex, find out the price. Conventionally, all copies are divided into 3 types. Shallow copy with a huge number of flaws that can be noticed with the naked eye even if you don't know much about watches. For example, these disadvantages are offset and the blur of numbers, no arrows, and engraving, low quality material of the case and bracelet and so on.

Good copy is very similar to the original, but have a minor error - location numbers and risk a little lower or higher than that of the original, the heterogeneity of the inscriptions, the presence of fading and so on.

Exact copies, or replicas, are quite expensive and do not differ from the original. But if you offer to buy a new rolex watch is much cheaper than 200 US dollars, give up this acquisition, most likely it is a fake.
Examine the case and crown. All models have original Tissot T, which can be located on a variety of items hours. But make sure that it is engraved and not just a sticker. Now wind the watch and see how they behave. If the Tissot is genuine, you will not feel the internal mechanisms.
Do not make the wrong selection of watches and Tissot distinguish a fake from the original will help you a magnifying glass. Inspect the model. If it have to be fingerprints, dust, lint and so on, you can be sure that the watch is fake. Also pay attention to the quality of the figures and other indicators of time - you should not notice any flaws. In addition, additional instruments - chronometers and tachymeters should be placed exactly.
Not to doubt the authenticity of hours, try to purchase them only from an authorized dealer.
Useful advice
Carefully read all labels present on the clock. If you notice grammatical errors is surely a fake.

Advice 2 : How to distinguish the Swiss watch from a fake

If you buy a watch at luxury brand stores, the quality is not worth worrying about. But sometimes what you are offered at a very favorable price to buy the watch with it. In this situation, just need to know how to distinguish a fake.
How to distinguish the Swiss watch from a fake
This files most often counterfeited Swiss watches. This is not surprising. Because their real value starts from 20 thousand rubles. If you are offered any model whose price is about 5 thousand, then there is reason for suspicion.
There are several variants of copies of a Swiss watch. External copies can be purchased at any of the stalls. Moreover, their price is not great and is only 100-600 rubles. The quality of the materials from which is made the data clock, also leaves much to be desired. A cardboard dial, the coarse straps of leatherette, vague or non-existent labelling not even talking, just shout for themselves.
Good copies of Swiss watches usually present in stores that do not sell very expensive watches. Their appearance is not so noticeable issues that they are fake. However, if a person is not just held in their hands the real watch, then it will not be difficult to identify a fake. On the origin of the watch can tell the arrow of the dial, metal casing, its cover, bracelet, marking, weight hours, the course of the wheel.
Exact copies of Swiss watches are widely advertised on the Internet. Spam suggestions on best buying the hours comes a huge amount of daily in mailboxes. These watches are mostly offered at relatively high price, from 3 to 10 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that for the most part they really are worth the money. Some copies of good quality with a simple visual inspection even for an expert it is difficult to distinguish. To identify a forgery it is necessary to open the casing. It should be noted that tampered with the clock, the former for some time in use, almost always have a small barely noticeable scratches on the glass or a shattered wheel. But on the real Swiss watches these defects will not be even a few decades of wear.

Advice 3 : How to identify a Swiss watch

One of the best watches are Swiss. They are not only perfectly show accurate time but also look stylish and presentable. Unfortunately, the market is now flooded with imitations, so it's important to know how to distinguish the quality of a Swiss watch.
How to identify a Swiss watch
Swiss watches are manufactured strictly in compliance with 3 requirements:

- watch Assembly takes place only in Switzerland;
- at least 50% of the components are only from Switzerland;
- quality control hours must be made in Switzerland. But on the dial or any other part must be the inscription of Swiss Made or just Swiss. If the watch is made in another country, they allowed the inscription Swiss Movement or Swiss Quartz.
The inscription Geneva or Geneve indicates the high quality of the model. This word is found in many fake watches. So, if you offer a product that says at a low price, give up the purchase - it may not be the original.
A good thing is not inexpensive. Swiss watches on average cost about 2 thousand dollars. Only some models can have a different price, for example, Swatch or Flik Flak.
To know how to distinguish a fake Swiss watch, it is important to know a few main differences between the original models. For example, there are watches with a convex sapphire crystal. They cost more than 1,5 thousand dollars. The model, whose body is made of steel and gold or solid gold, can cost less than 2 thousand dollars.
The original model is often equipped with complex functions, for example, the arrow indicator power reserve or moon phase, perpetual calendar, etc. These watches are valued more than 2-2,5 thousand dollars.
The cost of Swiss watches is influenced by rare mechanisms, for example, Frederic Piguet and Lemania. Of particular value are the limited hours, i.e. those issued in a strictly defined amount. Their price is much higher than conventional models.
When you purchase Swiss watches please note that the packaging was branded imprinted passport.
Some companies put on their watches. For example, Breguet on the dial of its product makes the cryptography to see it only under a certain angle of inclination.
Buy watches only in the company store a history of collaboration with the Swiss masters.
To recognize the original goods without a detailed examination of the case and the clock mechanism is extremely difficult for even a qualified specialist.

Advice 4 : How to differentiate original watches when buying

Low quality Chinese fakes watch is very easy to distinguish from the original – it can be done even on a photo. Another thing, if you good factory copy. In this case, you need to take a closer look at the details to find the differences from the original.
How to differentiate original watches when buying

The main differences between the fakes and the originals

There is a stereotype, according to which a counterfeit can be easily distinguished from the original by looking at the price. In fact it is not always the case. It often happens that the replica watches are almost the same as the original. Of course, if you cheap fake, which can be easily distinguished by external signs, is quite another matter.

Please note the watch strap. In the forgery it is possible to find defects: heterogeneity of coloring, low quality material etc. If the original manufacturer used exotic skin in the forgery, most likely, it will be replaced by the calf's cheap, and it also can be seen. Uneven stitching and sticking thread on the leather bracelet is also a sign of a fake.

If the watch case is curved, note the markings and the image of the brand logo if they are. In the original model, all characters will be printed equally clearly, in the forgery of some lines are deeper than others. This is due to the fact that in factories producing copies, are not unique curved, but much cheaper direct stamps.


Some expensive watches are complemented with stones. If you chose a model to distinguish the fake from the original will be much easier. In these hours all the stones will be placed at the same depth, each of them will be perfect and the color and quality of cut. The fakes can be muddy stones with poor cut and often fixed. They can be located at different depths. If it's not too noticeable to the eye, you just hold your finger on the surface of the hours: you will immediately notice the "differences".

While you are making copies company logo can be copied. However, its location does not always coincide with the location on the original. If you have the opportunity to look at photos of original hours on the Internet before buying, do it. Note also on the unique protective features, which many manufacturers Supplement their products.

Pay attention to the features of the watch movement, color and form of the body. Sometimes the manufacturers of fakes getting sloppy so that changing the principle of operation of the mechanism, or choose another color for the product. The seller can assure you that this is just a special modification, however, to believe him, of course, not worth it.
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