To distinguish a fake rolex, find out the price. Conventionally, all copies are divided into 3 types. Shallow copy with a huge number of flaws that can be noticed with the naked eye even if you don't know much about watches. For example, these disadvantages are offset and the blur of numbers, no arrows, and engraving, low quality material of the case and bracelet and so on.

Good copy is very similar to the original, but have a minor error - location numbers and risk a little lower or higher than that of the original, the heterogeneity of the inscriptions, the presence of fading and so on.

Exact copies, or replicas, are quite expensive and do not differ from the original. But if you offer to buy a new rolex watch is much cheaper than 200 US dollars, give up this acquisition, most likely it is a fake.
Examine the case and crown. All models have original Tissot T, which can be located on a variety of items hours. But make sure that it is engraved and not just a sticker. Now wind the watch and see how they behave. If the Tissot is genuine, you will not feel the internal mechanisms.
Do not make the wrong selection of watches and Tissot distinguish a fake from the original will help you a magnifying glass. Inspect the model. If it have to be fingerprints, dust, lint and so on, you can be sure that the watch is fake. Also pay attention to the quality of the figures and other indicators of time - you should not notice any flaws. In addition, additional instruments - chronometers and tachymeters should be placed exactly.