You will need
  • - nails;
  • - copper wire;
  • - hammer;
  • - pushpin;
  • a basis for the column;
  • Wat.
Select the basis for future columns and speakers. As the basis columns use a stand for pencils, speakers take two.
Make a speaker yourself. Determine what you need the speaker height, then take a nail and cut it so that it was slightly less than the height of the speaker. The side you cut, grind, file the order that it was smooth. Then, on the part of the nail, which with the hat, wrap the copper wire in enamel insulation.
Take two buttons and smash them with a hammer until it becomes thick as foil. This will be the base. Nail glue to the base, the clip. Take a magnetic tube, the height of which should be slightly greater than the height of the nail with coil and wide, that there took place a nail. Install a nail with a coil in the center of the magnet and glue to the base. Put a plate of paper clips on a magnet on top. Speaker ready.
A compass on the paper draw a circle with the speaker of the circle was a bit less dynamics from the outside. When the speaker drew a circle, cut it out with scissors and attach to the front of the stand where you will attach the speaker. Circle the Foundation circle. On the stand you get a circle where you place the speaker.
Make a cut out for the speaker at the circled loop in the column. Did you make the base of the speaker with the opening for the speakers. Through the opening guide wire for the speaker, the rest of the space fill conventional cotton.
Assemble the column as a whole. To assemble the column into one use the glue - time. Insert the speaker into the base, apply glue to the edge on the inner side of the speaker. After applying the adhesive to a speaker does not fall and held on tight, leave it for a couple of hours.
Connect the column to the source. Before connecting, make sure that the glue has dried. Connect the wire you brought through the base of the speaker to the source. If you know anything about electrics, can do it easily. Column.