You will need
  • 7 mm plywood, carpet, tape measure, ruler, jigsaw, drill, screws, and screws, staple gun, wood glue (fabric or wood) perforated steel tape, corners, hinges, piano hinges.
The first thing to do is to take measurements of your shelves. It is worth to mention that in sedan the shelf to do one element, even if the staff consists of several. The hatchback also possible to make one shelf element sidewall and the shelf, but in this case you will lose the functionality of the Luggage compartment of the car with this body type, optimal for the hatchback is the manufacture of shelves and side walls in the factory format. The dimensions of the elements should be measured in the position as they are in the car. Draw a sketch on a sheet of paper and write down the measurements, hyphenated, record the dimensions of the elements removed from the shelf car, so you have tolerances.
The dimensions of the shelf parts
Not to spoil the plywood and not to redo everything on a new, dimension blanks first on a thick cardboard box from the TV or the fridge), cut with the stock and adjust the place in the body of the vehicle. For the hatchback initially, it is necessary to make the sidewall, they are usually mirrored, so crafting one will easily make second. When parts of the sidewalls are willing to do a test fitting, pin mounts and install them on regular seats. Now re-measure the distances for the main shelves and on them cut out the items shelves.
Connect the elements of the shelf by a hinge, install the attachment-hinges and try them on. If all the parts lay on regular places without interference, set the seat back and without interference as the door closes the trunk, we can assume that the hardest part of the work performed. Now you need to determine the location of the speakers, you can install as a regular round speakers and a more powerful and best-sounding size 6x9 inches. If they will stand on the side members of the shelf, trying them on installed the sidewalls, that would be the consequence of their placement did not interfere with elements of the car body. Then we cut holes for the speakers or produce to the podium.
Manufacturer of podiums for speakers
When all the wood is finished, start pasting elements in a fabric – carpet. Pieces of cloth cut with a margin of 3-4 cm on each side, it is necessary to wrap the edges of the shelf elements. Cover glue the front part of the shelf and the fabric from the wrong side, putting the fabric on the shelf, carefully smoothes the fabric surface, carpet is a very supple fabric, it's good stretches on the curves and recesses. The edges of carpet fastened with a construction stapler. Then install the fastening elements of the side walls, speakers, and placed everything in the standard places. Now you'll be amazed how sounds the music in the salon.
Taping the carpet