Remember that the vast majority of men are not only far less emotional than women, but not so talkative. Therefore, even if you loved man, do not immediately expect from him is lush compliments (with extremely rare exceptions). Even if it embarrassed and insecure will tell you the most obvious compliment is already very good.
Some women, wanting to please a man, instinctively trying to emphasize the dignity of their appearance, shape, body hair, etc. Men traditionally pay to their appearance much less attention, but they are not strangers to this behavior! Therefore, if your date smooths hair, straightens the knot of his tie, straightens cuffs, etc. – this is an indicator that he wants to fellowship with you, to look your best. And if you were indifferent to him, he refused to do so?
Be attentive to facial expressions. The man's behavior largely depends on his education, habits, temperament. But even restrained, shy by nature, man will try to make it clear to the womanthat he likes her. Or a glance, or seemingly random touch. Much to say and his tone.
If a man is very emotional, has a violent temperament, he can try to "force the issue": literally "falls asleep" the woman with compliments, trying to kiss passionately, strongly declines to a close. Here is a very hard to understand: can you start a serious, long term relationships, or your Beau one of those "concerned" representatives of the stronger sex, that women need "only one." How to behave in this situation? Every woman is different in addressing this issue, based on our own desires and notions of decency. Incidentally, it is not possible that such a man be able to create a strong family, because relationships are just beginning.