Believe in the power of the beloved person and in his success. Not in words - it must be the inner conviction. Always consider your loved a person's the best in the world. It inspires and instills confidence. Stress, constantly remind of the best qualities of the beloved person, his strengths, especially if the person is for some reason unsure.
Get rid of the habit to criticize and doubt. If you want to warn about some consequences or to Express their feelings, only to Express their feelings and fears and only your face. Use "I-statements", saying, "I'm worried about the consequences" instead of the phrase "in you're always up to something".
Give your loved one the right to act independently, make my own decisions, to make mistakes and be responsible. Do not reproach for past failures, don't talk about them at every opportunity. Pangs extremely painful, especially if not just hurt the sore spot. Assume that your favorite is quite a grown man and he can learn from his experience. If you have something to say or something to share, talk about it on the backdrop of constructive dialogue, be sure to listen to the opinion of your close person.
Think about the good, I sincerely wish success in all your endeavors of a loved one. Make him more words of encouragement and support, your understanding and acceptance. If the person is deeply experienced, more listen to him. Often speaking, the man is easier and faster comes to any decision making steps forward to overcome painful experiences, doubt.
Create a home atmosphere of goodwill and peace. The house is really a fortress, which bears the sense of security of the person, gives strength and confidence. Filling it with positivity, comfort, calm and understanding, you will create a favorable environment for moral and psychological support of the beloved person.