To support your loved one during his illness, first thing you need to understand that it stays for you in the same family and need. And even if the disease has destroyed some of your plans regarding work, personal life, travels, and explain that his condition will not be your burden or a burden, and caring about it is an important part of your life.
Speak words of love and encouragement. Spend more time with the sick person, talk with him. Share the news and events that happened to you at work or during the day. Ask for advice. Thus, you will emphasize that your relationship to your loved one has not changed due to the fact he's healthy or sick. You still appreciate and cherish his opinion.
Even patients in a coma are able to distinguish between the voices of relatives, and can also experience certain feelings. Therefore spoken your kind words will have only a positive impact on a loved one. Talk, even if you think that you don't hear.
Think of a lesson that is delivered to the pleasure the person you are caring during his illness. You can just see some program on TV, read a book, listen to music. If it's the baby – make with him some kind of hack, draw a picture, collect mosaic. The main thing is your presence and participation. Disease, many feel alone, so a joint session is something that can bring joy and encouragement to a person who is sick.
Try to entertain and distract the patient from his disease. Create a cozy atmosphere in the room where it is located. If it's a hospital – bring back some of any household things, pictures, books. It is possible to bring from home a favorite houseplant. If the patient is at home – make him a gift without expecting for this special occasion. Most cancer patients being depressed, tend to "give up". Therefore caring of this kind, you will set an example of faith that he, like you, there's always tomorrow, and that means a healthy future.
If the disease is not infectious in nature, invite some friends over. Make a favorite treat. Tea party with friends or work colleagues, may improve mood and give you strength to fight the disease.