Provide support

Support morally the man she loved. During illness he especially needs your understanding, care and compassion. You should not just care for the sick and inquire about his health, but also to show affection and tact. The more serious the situation, the more sensitivity you expect from a partner.

Be tactful. If your young person is not ready to discuss in detail with you the status of your health, don't insist.
Avoid touchy for favorite topics or situations. When your man is ripe for a conversation about the disease, listen carefully to him.

Demonstrate to your partner that you still love and appreciate him. We can not allow due to his illness, he began to feel useless, inadequate and useless. Show that you believe your young man is strong and courageous.

Please be patient. A sick person can become Moody and irritable. Log position and be patient. Make allowances for the disease and do not judge strictly favorite. Do not be offended by his words during bouts of illness.
At the time of illness of a partner you need to kind of forget about yourself and focus more on it.

Remember that your man due to their natural restraint can withdraw. If your favorite will disappear into himself, to support him will be difficult. Don't demand that your boyfriend shared with you, and not to impose their care. The man didn't think that you regret it, give their comments and recommendations in the form of advice and not lamentations.

Try to distract a man

Your commitment depends largely on the condition of your spirit man. When he hurts you it is especially important to radiate optimism. Be positive and make the young man believe in the imminent recovery. Depression and sadness will not benefit the patient.

Try to find entertainment for your boyfriend. If the disease limits his physical activity, you can watch a Comedy or read to each other aloud an interesting book. You may be able to push a loved one to finding a new hobby that will distract him from gloomy thoughts.

Act natural. Don't have to pretend that everything is in order and is constantly joking with the patient. Should not close their eyes to the disease of your men, but to dramatize it is not necessary. Does not gloss over the problems that exist.

Create your boyfriend the most comfortable conditions. This applies to everyday life, and atmosphere. Delicious food, comfortable bed, able to relax, kind words, hugs make him feel better.