You will need
  • - special keys.
Soberly assess their strength. In some car models you need to disassemble half-torpedoes, to get to the radio mounts and pull it. In addition, even with the correct keys, the process may be delayed if the machine has operated long enough to mount the radio stuck in the mounting sockets.
Check for special keys to remove the head unit. These keys should be included with the instructions for the audio system. If keys are lost, you will have to go to a dealer or car market. When you visit the market take a manual camera or just record the serial number, information about the manufacturer and model of the radio in Notepad, not to make the wrong choice and answer clarifying questions from sellers of equipment.
If the keys could not be purchased, ask the sellers how you can replace these devices. Pay attention to the recommendations of experienced drivers. For example, the radio in the Toyota can successfully be removed with an ordinary skewers, sold in many stores.
Getting started, be sure that you have unplugged the wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Be careful with the wiring. Do not break the integrity of the connectors. If the presence of just the wires, prepare the marker and masking tape so that after Dismounting to navigate the huge amount of wires that seem on the spot pulled out the radio.
Apply the keys or their substitutes. Pay attention to the way to promote radio in the place of dismantling. Some vehicles equipped with a hard mount radio, others use a metal sled. In the presence of the slides will need to detach the specially designed attachment and continue. Completely unplug the unit, remove all contacts and terminals. Very carefully disconnect the power supply and remove the unit from the installation of the casing.