You will need
  • - an application to the municipality;
  • - certificate on registration;
  • statement of the account;
  • - the contract of social hiring or a warrant;
  • - the documents confirming the kinship with the deceased;
  • - the statement in Arbitration court.
To get the right to privatize the apartment and take ownership of it after the death of the testator, contact the Department of housing policy of the local municipality. Submit your passport, statement of account, certificate of residence, contract of social hiring or a warrant for the apartment.
Write a statement on the renewal of the contract of social hiring or a warrant in your name. If you lived and were registered in apartment together with the responsible tenant that is deceased, you are entitled to a Council flat and on its privatization along with the deceased tenant (article 672 of the civil code).
Most often the local authorities to unconditionally renew the contract of social hiring or the warrant, as guided by the act. In this case, the apartment will belong to you not by inheritance but through a conventional privatisation.
If you still refused to reissue the contract or order, what happens in exceptional cases, contact the court of Arbitration. Please submit a certificate of residence, a statement of the personal account, the contract of social hiring or a warrant. The decision of the court you will be able to renew itself all social documents, or to begin the privatization of the apartment.
If you have not lived with the testator and was not registered in the apartment for the past 5 years, then you have no chance to become the owner of the property. If the deceased lived alone in an apartment and registration issued to only one person, the apartment will give low-income waiting list.
If you have invested significant funds in the repair of the apartment, cared for by the testator before the death, financially supporting him, we still try to go to court. Submit an application, fill it out with all that though as-that will help you to get an apartment. Most such courts do not have a positive result in favor of the plaintiff, as the defendant was the Department of housing policy of the city, behind which is a huge turn composed of poor citizens, which is designed for social housing (article 40 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Housing code of the Russian Federation).