Add up all numbers and divide them by the number of terms to obtain the arithmetic mean. Depending on the specific conditions of calculations it is sometimes easier to divide each number by the number of a data set and sum the result.
Use, for example, included in the Windows calculator, if you calculate the average arithmetic value in mind is not possible. You can open it using run dialog programs. To do this, press the "hot keys" WIN + R or click start and select in the main menu the command "Run". Then type in the input box and press calc on the keypad Enter or click "OK". The same can be done via main menu - open it, go to "All programs" and in "Standard" and select "Calculator".
Enter the sequence number of the set, clicking on the keyboard after each one (except the last) the "Plus" key or by clicking the appropriate button in the calculator interface. To enter the numbers too as you can with the keyboard or clicking the appropriate button interface.
Press the slash (slash), or click the icon in the interface of the calculator after entering the last value sets and print the number of numbers in the sequence. Then press the equal sign and the calculator will calculate and display the arithmetic mean value.
It is possible for this purpose to use the table editor Microsoft Excel. In this case, run the editor and enter in the adjacent cell all values of the sequence numbers. If after entering each number, you press Enter or the down arrow key or the right, the editor will move the input focus into the next cell.
Select all entries and in the lower left corner of the editor window (in the status) will see the average value for the selected cells.
Click the following for the last entered number cell, if you do not enough only to see the arithmetical mean value. Open the drop-down list with the image of the Greek letter Sigma (Σ) in the group of commands "Edit" on the Home tab. Select the line "Average" and the editor will insert the correct formula to calculate the arithmetic mean of the values in the selected cell. Press Enter and the value will be calculated.