You will need
  • - ribbon (satin);
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Make a classic (French) bow on dress. This is a beautiful and simple bow and are very popular now. It is used as when tying shoelaces, and decoration gifts. Take the two ends of the ribbon, fold them in such a way to make "ears". Put these "ears" criss-cross, then his right ear pass through a loop. Carefully tighten the bowIR and unfold. If the ribbon is wide, the ends cut off at an angle, instead of ribbon, cord, the ends of the cord tie a knot.
Make a small bowIR for suit or dress - it gives the garment more attractive. Take the tape and cut about 25 cm, connect the ends to the middle and make fixing stitch using a needle and thread. Cut ribbons 5 cm, put this piece in the place of joints, wrapping them, and with the reverse side of the lock the stitch. You got the bowIR, now it is possible to sew to the dress.
Create a bow with several layers, designed to decorate evening dresses. To do this, take a wide ribbon and fold it in a pile, alternately applying the tape edges on top of each other (we must start from the center of the tape). Length of the overlay edges of the tape in the future will be equal to the length of the loop bow. You can stay for 6-8 layers and connect them in the center of one stitch. Alternately loosen each received loop on the wrong side and fold out (start with the bottom layer). If you create a bowand you used the soft texture of the tape, the upper loops connect.