You will need
  • tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - a piece of fabric or the excess tape from which you can cut thin strips.
If you have any urgent need to make a gift, and nothing but a piece of satin ribbon, at hand is no need to be limited to classical bow. It can look beautiful, if you make it smooth and the ends of the ribbon beautifully cut scalloped scissors. Lay the ribbon is satin side up in the middle of the top plane of the box. Guide tape means having lateral sides and bring the ends on the bottom side. Get tips for one another and pull the tapeso it was tight. At the bottom you should now have a cross.
Print the ends of the tape on the other two sides of the box, then on the top of the plane. Swipe them under the already laid tape around the middle. The ends have to embrace the tape. Tie a single or double knot.
Bend the ends of the tape approximately 1/3 of the node, and tie a single knot. Straighten your bow and trim the edges of the ribbon curly with scissors. When curved scissors, use regular and cut off the edge of the area or making V notches. The ends of the rigid strips in this case can be spun several times after him in the rings of scissors.
If the tape is long, tie a double bow. Do everything exactly the same way as when tying a single bow, just bend the ends of vdvoem close to the knot. Tie bent ends of the bundle, then the remaining pieces of tape again, fold in half and tie them with one knot. The double bow is smaller in size but more elaborate.
If you have a hard strapping, you can tie Terry bow Piece tape roll into the ring. Make several more turns, and putting a ring on a ring and aligning the edges of the tape. The bow work is the greater, the wider the ring.
Squeeze the ring to make a flat multi-layer tape. Places you can not bend down. Cut the corners of the strip approximately to the middle of the short side of the tape. Cuts should be on one of the long sides.
Spread the ring, then squeeze it into a strip, aligning the notches. Tie the cut is thin ribbon, thread or strip of cloth. The thumb and forefinger of one hand, hold the bow in place of cuts.
With the other hand gently slide the ring, trying not to tear the ribbon or thread. Atribuite petals one by one. One petal bent upwards, the other downwards and twist them about the axis.
Pack a box. Exactly the same as when tying a classic bow, put tape on the middle top of the box, at the sides, print down, in the centre of the box to make the cross and again output ends up. Tie a double knot and trim the ends short. Attach the bow to the knot with a clip or glue.