On agricultural land the owner or lessee has the right to act only within the regulations approved for this category of land and the purpose of the site that was specified in the design documents. The site you could be provided, particularly for conducting private or peasant farms, agricultural production, livestock, horticulture, market gardening or dacha construction.
For each of these activities there are regulations limiting the business activities in these areas. So, if the permitted use of your land "for agricultural production", then you can make it processing of land and growing crops. On this land you can build the enterprise for storage and processing of agricultural products, its use as arable land under perennial plantations or livestock.
In that case, when the site received "for dacha construction", it is possible to build a holiday house with the right of registration or temporary structure without the right of registration and outbuildings. On the dacha you have the right to grow fruits and berries, vegetables, potatoes, melons and other crops. Almost as you can to farm and the land allocated for horticulture.
But here's the site intended for the garden, does not provide for the construction of the it capital residential structures and cultivation of perennial fruit crops. Yes, and the construction of non-capital residential building and economic structures and constructions are available depending on the permitted use of the land specified in the zoning areas.